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Shrinking Violet

Posted by jamesschee on May 5, 2010

Johanna’s post; about a sketch her husband KC got her of Shrinking Violet from former Legionnaires artist Jeff Moy. Got me thinking of the sketch I’d gotten from him years ago at Heroes Con and why I always loved the character so.

I guess in a lot of ways I could relate to her, she was smart and extremely capable at her job. Yet tended to prefer to be a wall flower at times, watching others interact and at times wishing she was a bit more like them.

Her journey through those old stories just struck a chord with me, as I could relate to it at the time so well. Watching her overcome those obstacle as well was inspiring as well.

The sketch itself is just so darn cool that I still have it hanging on my wall in a picture frame. The only real comic paraphernalia that really own when I think of it, besides the small collection of comic HCs and trades on my bookshelf anyway.


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